Unlike some formatters, we don’t use software to convert your book automatically. That rarely works well, and can cause all manner of problems. Every book we format is done by hand, first converting your manuscript to HTML, then manually cleaning it up to make sure there are no hidden problems (and believe us, Word and Indesign likes to hide all sorts of junk in your manuscript!) At this stage we also take the time to fix common issues like tabs or spaces at the start of paragraphs (these are converted to automatic indents), multiple spaces, etc. Once we have a clean, problem-free file, only then do we convert it into the format(s) that you want.

The end result? Your eBook will be a small, optimized file that won’t have any of the glitches or other problems that an automated tool can create, and will display exactly how it should, while your print book will look professionally and consistently formatted throughout the entire book.

We also work with you to format the book exactly how you want it to look. Need something special done with the table of contents (or don’t want a table of contents)? We can do that. Have a specific style you want to use for chapter headings? Easily handled. Just tell us any specific requests you have before we start, and we’ll take care of the rest. And if it isn’t quite right the first time, we’ll work with you until it is!

Finally, we realize that down the line you may find a few typos that need to be fixed, or you may want to add/update a page with details on your other works. We’re happy to take care of that for you.

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